First Day of School Photo Ideas

Mark the occasion of your child's first day with one of these creative ideas.

August 30, 2013

My mom still has the photo of me getting on the bus for kindergarten in 1980, blond pig tails and all! Whether your child is heading off to the 2’s in a preschool program or kindergarten, you’re going to want to capture the moment on film. But you know those Pinterest moms today — they’re so creative and inspiring, and they’ve upped the ante when it comes to composing a memorable photograph. Honestly, I want to copy all of these ideas. Love!


Keep it Simple
Alpha Mom printed up a simple kindergarten sign for her daughter to hold. I don’t know what’s cuter…the photo — or the little girl? Either way, what a sweet way to commemorate her big day.

When I Grow Up…
I want to be a policeman! Or, whatever else your little one says. If you can’t pose them next to a chalkboard, put them next to their easle. Ask Anna Mosley blog posted this photo of her friend’s son, and I don’t think it gets sweeter.

when-i-grow-upfirst-day-of-school-photoWho She Is Right Now
I love the idea of taking a simple photo and superimposing some fun deets about your kid. Check out this one from That’s So Cuegly (above) and  The Suburban Mom (below). It’s such a good way to capture little things about your son or daughter that you may not remember a year or two from now.


Chalkboard Chic
Mommy Creations has this awesome post about how to pose your child in front of a chalkboard wall for that unforgettable first day of school. How cute is this? (And how ridiculously cute is this baby?)


Are you proud of your son or daughter’s first day of school photo? We want to see it! Email us at 

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Jackie August 30, 2013 at 7:23 am


I would love to see a posting or two on daycare/childcare advice if feasible. Thanks :)


Lyla G August 30, 2013 at 9:13 am

I love all of these ideas! Soooo cute and fun.


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